Protecting Claimants’ Public Benefits While Keeping Law Firms Compliant


Special Needs Trusts


While there are different types of special needs trusts, they all share the common trait of maintaining eligibility for means tested government assistance programs such as Medicaid and SSI. In addition to maintaining eligibility for these programs, special needs trusts also create a fund that can be used to supplement the care and services provided through these programs.

As a result of an increasing compliance-oriented environment, attorneys are becoming more aware of the need to protect public benefit eligibility for their clients at the time a settlement is reached. The Centers assists attorneys in meeting this obligation and provides solutions through our special needs trust administration services.

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Specialty Trust Services


From its beginning nearly 15 years ago, The Centers quickly established a reputation for crafting creative solutions for difficult problems. If an attorney is having difficulty finding a solution for a client’s problem, the attorney can contact The Centers to discuss a possible solution.

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Structured Settlements


A structured settlement is an agreement between a defendant and an injured party (or claimant) in which the claimant receives a stream of guaranteed, tax-free periodic payments tailored to his/her specific needs. Structured settlements can be an effective planning tool to ensure that awards are not dissipated and are thus available for ongoing and future needs.

The Centers offers structured settlement consulting services for attorneys and their clients with the end goal of optimizing the quality of life for victims of catastrophic accidents and injuries.

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