Special Needs Trusts

Will ABLE Act Accounts Replace Special Needs Trusts?
Legislation signed into law by President Barack Obama in late 2014 to further protect the assets of disabled individuals while maintaining their qualification for means-tested benefits such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is making its way through stateRead More

How Affordable Care Act Affects Individuals With Disabilities
A recent decision by the United States Supreme Court upholding Affordable Care Act subsidies has further validated the staying power of the healthcare reform that, since being signed into law in 2010, has survived 50 votes in congress and multipleRead More

Special Needs Trusts and the Sole Benefit Rule
The Centers is excited to announce that Co-founder, John Staunton, Esq., of The Center for Special Needs Trust Administration, Inc., was a presenter at The National College of Probate Judges 2014 Fall Conference in Naples, Florida.  The Conference took placeRead More

Special Needs Trusts: Planning Vehicles that Have Come of Age
Special needs trusts (SNTs) are conceptually simple-however, their creation and administration can be highly complex. This article points to the technical and practical issues professionals need to consider as they counsel beneficiaries and their families to make informed decisions about using SNTs. Read the full article    

Solutions for maintaining family members’ public benefits in divorce proceedings.
Solutions for maintaining family members’ public benefits in divorce proceedings. Divorce can be a complicated, painful and expensive process. Unfortunately during the divorce process, protecting the public assistance eligibility of a child or a spouse with special needs is frequentlyRead More